I used to live in the ranks ofSOFT COVER.jpg corporate executives, but nowadays have a passion for helping life flourish. My eyes were opened to the world in ways I hadn’t expected while walking through the British countryside. For several months, my wife and I explored my old country, but in sharing stories with the people we met I found myself on a deeper journey to explore my own life. The blinkers I’d worn fell away and I saw the world and my part in it in a new light. That walk transformed my life and I’ve written Joining Loose Ends to tell the story. I hope you’ll read it and find out just where 3.5 million footsteps will take you and what you can learn when you switch your mind off and tune your body into the landscape.

Early acclaim for Joining Loose Ends:

“Keith Badger has written a wonderful book. It was a marvellous achievement to accomplish the great feat of walking from John O’Groats to Land’s End. On top of that he has written an engaging and inspiring book. It was a joy to read and visualise them on the path.”

Satish Kumar – Editor Emeritus Resurgence 

“Keith Badger has crafted a book I loved and did not want to put down. I laughed, I cried and I was part of those landscapes and weather. What a triumph!”

 Diana Coverdale – Founder Soulcraft

To misquote George Bernard Shaw, “All progress depends on the ‘unconventional man’”. Keith found new understanding, new heart, new direction and new commitment, from a most unconventional walk. The challenge for all of us is to step out for a while and reflect on what really matters in this world.

Dr John Hewson AM – former Liberal party leader and professor ANU

Keith Badger has written a story of great importance in ‘Joining Loose Ends’, as it shows how important it is for us not to deny our inner promptings or intuition. The result has been a story of personal transformation: exactly what is needed if we are to both confront, and provide solutions to, the Anthropocene epoch that humanity and our Earth have now entered. The story is both well written and highly readable, and I recommend it highly. Badger evinces the courage to actually join the loose ends.

Charles Massy AOM PhD Author & Regenerative Farmer


On a high track where the air is fresh and the mind clear.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of my recent holiday break was reading Keith Badger’s thoughtful book, Joining Loose Ends. Not only does it take you on a tantalising journey through the beautiful landscapes and fascinating history of Great Britain, it is an inspiring case study on the capacities of the human body and mind, and the healing power of love. Keith and Debby had to dig deep to successfully navigate the trials and tribulations of this gruelling five month adventure, but were deeply rewarded. Similarly this book will deeply reward the reader who is willing to go the distance as Keith shares his personal reflections on dealing with adversity, and his insights on how we can all live a more meaningful life that is less harmful to the environment.

Greg Nathan, psychologist, author of Profitable Partnerships.

Readers comments

“Few have the courage to walk away.  In Badger’s case, he walked away and then walked across the entire British Isle in what became a spiritual awakening. Reconnected with nature and his own humanity, he came face-to-face with the contradictions embedded in our culture’s assumed truths that contribute to our extractive relationship with each other and with the earth.  Badger’s story is an inspiring look at one man’s journey of rediscovering the beauty all around us, and the inherent serenity and order among the chaotic.”

John Fullerton, Former MD of J P Morgan and Founder & President of the Capital Institute.

International acclaim