I used to live in the ranks ofSOFT COVER.jpg corporate executives, but nowadays have a passion for helping life flourish. My eyes were opened to the world in ways I hadn’t expected while walking through the British countryside. For several months, my wife and I explored my old country, but in sharing stories with the people we met I found myself on a deeper journey to explore my own life. The blinkers I’d worn fell away and I saw the world and my part in it in a new light. That walk transformed my life and I’ve written Joining Loose Ends to tell the story. I hope you’ll read it, and you’ll certainly need to if you want to find out:

  • How to walk out of a corporate career and find a life of purpose without trying
  • About a clothing brand that is truly inspirational
  • Why wolves and motorways can get under your skin
  • How a pilgrimage to find good coffee in Britain can become an eternal quest
  • How angels take their malt whisky
  • What you can learn when you switch your mind off
  • The café where people piss on capitalism after their coffee
  • Just where 3.5 million footsteps will take you… and who you might meet

Read the book and find out all this stuff and so much more…

Extract from Joining Loose Ends:

Day 23 “The chance to weave richer patterns into our lives is so often shelved to hang in abeyance awaiting a break in the shackles of routine. But routine is an intolerant taskmaster. Questions thrown up by this adventure circle like buzzards ready to pull apart my ordered life. Even though I still don’t understand what has called me to be on this journey, I already know it’s one of my best decisions.”


On a high track where the air is fresh and the mind clear.


“Few have the courage to walk away.  In Badger’s case, he walked away and then walked across the entire English Isle in what became a spiritual awakening. Reconnected with nature and his own humanity, he came face-to-face with the contradictions embedded in our culture’s assumed truths that contribute to our extractive relationship with each other and with the earth.  Badger’s story is an inspiring look at one man’s journey of rediscovering the beauty all around us, and the inherent serenity and order among the chaotic.”

John Fullerton, Former MD of J P Morgan and Founder & President of the Capital Institute.

Keith Badger’s book is no walk in the park. It is a long quiet walking reflection on the wealth and poverty of our acquisitive western lives in the early 21st century. It is a book for those setting off and arriving. Read it and get walking…

Professor Kate Auty, Professorial Fellow University of Melbourne & Commissioner for Sustainability and the Environment (ACT)