KB and coffeeKeith Badger is a company director, philanthropist, mentor, writer, speaker, and a year-round ocean
swimmer. Born and raised in a working class family on South London council estates, he spent 25
years as Finance Director and Chief Executive Officer for global organisations, travelling throughout
Europe, Africa and Asia. He lived in Paris and Lagos before settling with his family in Melbourne,
After losing his first wife to illness, Keith started a new chapter of life with his second wife, Debby, as
they brought together their five teenage children in an old Victorian home. As a founding director of The Rescope Project, he now works closely with various organisations and individuals to shape a more sustainable world.

Extract from Joining Loose Ends:

Day 135 “I left here 23 years ago to transplant a young family to Australian soil, but before that there were 35 years where this environment was my own. I sense I’m still British. Whether it’s the call of a cuckoo, the urgent ‘keows’ of English seagulls, the horse chestnut’s glossy conkers waiting to be kicked, the oak tree’s offer of an incomparable embrace, or the wood smoke filtering through dank woods on a late autumn afternoon, these things bypass my brain to connect directly with my body’s cells. I love my life in Australia. It’s where I choose to live and I’ve established the early first-generation roots that my sons may build on. There’s nowhere I would rather call home, but the British countryside will always have first call on my heart.”

Swimming - Still life thongs crop