Badger sightings – introducing a new blog aimed at bringing sustainability to Life


I love my namesake the badger. As one of the UK’s favourite mammals, his black and white striped snout is immediately and fondly recognisable. Mr Badger is so well loved he even appears in countless children’s stories. Yet, he’s also renowned as being a particularly elusive animal to spot in real life. As such Mr Badger is for me the perfect reminder of how difficult it can be to see sustainability in real life. Occasionally I catch fleeting impressions of the impact my choices are having on the world, but as mere glimpses they tend to be quickly forgotten. Like badgers disappearing down into their incredibly complex underground burrows, sustainability is just too difficult to pursue. We’ve got too much else on our plate.
Of course, very few of us want to think the things we do are causing damage to the world and making life unsustainable for others. Yet the truth is that’s often the case. We just don’t see the effect we’re having and often we do it for no good reason at all. Just as we can sit outside a badger’s hole for days without seeing Mr Badger, so we can be very fond supporters of sustainability and yet do very unsustainable things. So, this blog is dedicated to trying to grasp and hold onto those impressions as they pass through my life and to better understand the impact we’re having. My passion is to help life flourish on Earth and by that I mean all life, both human and non human, in every wonderful, fascinating and often surprising embodiment we find…………..including of course Mr Badger and his friends.

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